This hat gives +3% Critical chance. Also provides Bonus MHP, MSP, and + 3 DEX every 3 Refines to help out in reaching insta-cast with Shield Chain. Color Explorer. Everything about Royal Guard, skill tree, skill simulator and other important skill info like range, properties, requirements, required for, etc. Provides +7% ATK and +10% ASPD but at the cost of a card Slot. SIDE NOTE: Be careful of Ghost property Mobs, Shield Chain DOES NOT HIT THEM EVEN WITH ELEMENTAL ADVANTAGE due to the fact that this skill is still considered neutral in KRO coding. An upgrade to the Glorious Suit. Additional Matk + 1% per 2 upgrade levels of the compounded item. HP Recovery +5%. A Solid headgear that provides the needed stat boost and HP/SP Recovery perfect for farming and sustainability. Having the card combo really eases up your life if I must say so myself. Flee targets from deactivating too quickly some MVPs them natural advantage when taking a tanking role around the.! +12 ATK at the cost of -4 INT; good for increasing overall damage(Banishing Point/Overbrand/Cannon Spear/Shield Chain) and Dex 3 provides +4 DEX, +8 HIT at the cost of -4 LUK; great for decreasing cast, A staple card in any builds that uses a Shield as this card provides all the damage you need to battle PVM. try { Take note in a PVP/WOE setting mae sure to pay attention to your GL and teammates for proper communication: Do you love being punched in the gut and asking for more beating? DEX is added here because its one of the two key components to the Smashing damage of Overbrand (STR and DEX). When using the skill Sacrifice while Exceed Break's buff is active the first 5 hits of Sacrifice takes priority over Exceed Break with the 6th attack coming from the said skill but that is old pre-renewal stuff but worth mentioning still to clear up any misunderstandings for those people planning to use Sacrifice (come on dont use this skill it sucked after pre-renewal). For the full mechanics of WOE click here. For Skills You may Refer to the Shield Chain or Banishing Point Build as these builds are similar in terms of Skill point distribution but the main focus of this build is well, Overbrand and Cannon Spear. There are two types of support for our Class: Devotion and good Ol' Meat Shield Tanking. Everyone gets free storage to upload their files, be they photos, CAD … function gaOptout() { Provides 100 DEF, All Stats +1, MaxHP +1000, and MaxSP +100. Definitely a free item if you collect enough Endeavor tokens from doing Gramps and worth refining and evolving to a, Dropped by Incarnation of Morocc(Unslotted), Dropped by illusion of Frozen mobs(Slotted). [Gameplay] Royal Guard Grand Cross / Overbrand skill showcase on board MVP - RG Overbrand build Like its illusion partners this can be enchanted with Modification Modules to further enhance your damage ( Modification Module(Overpower) [1]) and decrease the Fixed Cast Time of Shield Chain ( Modification Module(Fixed Casting) [1]). Gives higher HP recovery and increases the regeneration you get from consumables, always nice to have, especially when you have the platinum skill Moving HP Recovery. Armor with the help of defensive shield skill buffs will make this builds very deadly than previous! Royal Guards are an elite order of Crusaders and Paladins that originally served under King Schmitz of Glastheim. As mentioned in the guide's budget option to get your cards in because this has a slot. Removes buffs and debuffs on the user upon cast. A great Armor for providing VIT, HP, ATK(With ATK Reactors), and ACD early on (combo with, An okay armor that provides +100 ATK and certain bonuses at refine rates starting at +7. Enchant an Armor with the Shadow property. Has a chance to autocast Storm Gust Lv.10 and/or Heal Lv.10 when physically attacking. Definitely worth getting asap but keep in mind you'd need a. Once again helps out in keeping Nysori's Attacks at bay. Also gives DEX and HP on top of it. Attack all enemies six cells in front of a pinpointed area a blessing or hindrance that depends on type. Home Exterior Trend Design Guide. The Royal Guard may choose to have some INT for the SP usage as typically it takes two casts of Overbrand to drop a mob of monsters if the character is not near a wall. I did some tests with this weapon and dang even at +9 with just sharp enchants this could kill things and leave dents in the hard dungeons(Odin 4 was kinda hard due to my cast time getting interrupted at times due to the volume of mobs but definitely doable). In February 1998 it acquired PPP Healthcare, a private healthcare insurer, for £435m. Stats at +15: +10% ATK, +10% ASPD, +40 ATK, +25% Banishing Point Damage, Small Chance to gain +15% damage to all sizes, and 20% After Cast Delay Reduction. and the not mentioned much, OverBrand RG Build. I would like to thank Halves, PowerPuffX, RaiHo, Vilich, Leinarth, IllegalKross, Sub, HAEsch guard, Manijirou, Chatanka, My Guild CozyBuddies, and the #Wiki and #Swordsman Discord Comunity for guiding and inspiring me to update this Class Guide. Can be comboed with a, An alternative and a BiS due to the fact that even if its not perfectly enchanted this gets rid of the 0.5 sec Fixed Cast Time of the skill provided your DEX is at 120 or higher. I'm also using the Vicious Mind Aura + Fallen Warrior Manteau to get more After Cast Delay to maximize my DPS. Str is of greater importance, as well as good DEX and VIT additional! If you'll notice I did not take Inspiration since the backlash damage effect is too much for my HP and consumables and its not worth using if you're hitting for more than 500-2.9m with this skill active and elemental advantages since inspiration returns 1% of the damage you deal back to you. Neutrogena Pore Refining Daily Cleanser Price In Pakistan, } They were established to supervise, spy on, and oppress any unlawful acts by government officials. Just follow the guides I've listed above and you'll get to 200 no problem while making zeny along the way. Vanishing Point (Alt: Banishing Point) is a 3 rd class offensive skill available as Royal Guard.. Effect. Pretty Useful in giving yourself immunity to Holy Magic ATK's and good in resisting other elemental ATK's, The basic farming hat BUT a very useful item starting out in your Journey to Greatness. It’s not bragging when it’s true. Forums. Casting cannot be interrupted; If you have a hard time landing that Overbrand due to mobs hitting you and cancelling your cast ue this but you might wanna practice your positioning and timing to avoid getting interrupted. Clearly a no-brainer for increasing damage in the armor slot. Just take all of the quests thats available for you level. #wpadminbar .ab-top-menu>li.hover>.ab-item, #wpadminbar .ab-top-menu>li:hover>.ab-item, #wpadminbar .ab-top-menu>li>.ab-item:focus, #wpadminbar.nojq .quicklinks .ab-top-menu>li>.ab-item:focus{ In a PVP setting however there are Royal Guards that utilize this tactic to kill squishy targets (GX/RK coming for you, Performers/ABs) and this build is quite unpopular but people dont expect this to hit them since Royal Guards are almost delegated to a support role most of the time. if ( typeof f !== 'object' || f === null || typeof f.hitCallback !== 'function' ) { William Doyle Vanderbilt, Requires to have a Spear class weapon equipped. MaxHP + 1% per 3 refine rate. var __gaTracker = function() { Royal Guard Shield [1] The official shield of the Prontera Royal Guard. Additionally, the gears for this build benefit Overbrand for some aoe. gives +5% ATK. … I'm RG 107/12 in SEA and tried Overbrand but the damage was really meh. +12 ATK at the cost of -4 INT; good for increasing overall damage(Banishing Point/Overbrand/Cannon Spear/Shield Chain) and Luk 3 provides +4 Luk, +4 CRIT at the cost of -4 DEX; great for increasing our Damage and CRIT Rate. color: #fff; Here are the stats I use for my Shield Chain build, feel free to tweak depending on your needs: Currently the highest DPS skill for a Royal Guard; For Shield Chain to be an Effective DPS skill it requires a good balance of ATK%, Ranged%, Cast Time, and ACD. Recommended you get this to a high refine rate to maximize its damage)at +9 it deals 100% damage to players and that is a huge point to consider in dealing the maximum damage). using the 3 card combo gives you the best damage possible for this build, When equipped with Ominous Assaulter Card, Gives a decent +100 ATK, +10 ATK every 2 refines, and at certain refines provides bonuses especially when enchanted with the different Modification Modules. #wpadminbar .quicklinks .menupop ul li a:focus, #wpadminbar .quicklinks .menupop ul li a:focus strong, #wpadminbar .quicklinks .menupop ul li a:hover, #wpadminbar .quicklinks .menupop ul li a:hover strong, #wpadminbar .quicklinks .menupop.hover ul li a:focus, #wpadminbar .quicklinks .menupop.hover ul li a:hover, #wpadminbar li .ab-item:focus:before, #wpadminbar li a:focus .ab-icon:before, #wpadminbar li.hover .ab-icon:before, #wpadminbar li.hover .ab-item:before, #wpadminbar li:hover #adminbarsearch:before, #wpadminbar li:hover .ab-icon:before, #wpadminbar li:hover .ab-item:before, #wpadminbar.nojs .quicklinks .menupop:hover ul li a:focus, #wpadminbar.nojs .quicklinks .menupop:hover ul li a:hover{ The Main skill I'll be focusing on this guide. Knights, Crusaders, and Paladinswere welcomed into King … Can be Evolved to its Illusion counterpart: A defensive Shield that Reduces Damage from Medium and Large Mobs by 15%, Undead mobs by 10%, and a chance to reflect back magic to the user when atk by Magic, Doesnt have a card slot though but a good shield nonetheless. Their name is often abbreviated and then referred to as just "RG". A Prerequisite skill for Shield Spell. First off Maces are innately indestructible in nature so you wont have to worry about getting any Golem Card to make it indestructible. When Royal Guards in party have Banding activated, if you are close enough together, your attack increases, defense increases, and share HP. i know very little about royal guards so please look at this build and advice on what needs to be changed for MVP. A good Headgear for Increasing our Ranged Damage output since most of our skills are Ranged attacks. as for the PVP/MH aspect I'm still collecting data and doing my interviews of people who play this path so it might take a while. nonetheless a good Upper Headgear to get. With Sunglasses or Sunglasses [ 1 ] or Glasses or Glasses [ 1:. return null; If you still want more ACD reduction this card is perfect for the Left Accessory slot. strength. Directly influences Cannon Spear ) is the 3rd job class of Crusaders and Paladins that served! a Decent footgear that gives +20% MHP but this doesnt have a slot. If you want a slotted version the, Provides SP bonus depending on the user's job level. For Monster hunter purposes; If you plan to kill, +5% ATK and +10 HIT, if the armor refine is 10 or higher additional +5 HIT. Now once a High Swordsman do the Cautious Village quest and once you finish it you'll be warped straight to 69/50 as a High Swordsman. Having 2 Kiel carded headgears make this builds very deadly than the previous build. With the help of defensive shield skill buffs will make this build a perfect diver during sieges. That is how the Griffon-riding Royal Guards came to be. (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['GoogleAnalyticsObject']=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ Like our beloved Darkness over there you wanna be as tanky as possible in order for your party to kill mobs for you. For general leveling and farming follow these guide: If you're a new player just follow the NEW Tutorial the game provides upon creating your character and once you finish it you'll skip right through to your second job and get free items to help you out in your journey(1-59). Classic Build for Royal Guards. With my current build I found a perfect middle for Good Damage and Chains per sec. var monsterinsights_frontend = {"js_events_tracking":"true","download_extensions":"doc,pdf,ppt,zip,xls,docx,pptx,xlsx","inbound_paths":"[]","home_url":"http:\/\/","hash_tracking":"false"}; Increase physical and magical damage against fish race monster by 10%. Here are the stats recommended for this build, feel free to tweak depending on your needs: Here are the stats recommended for this build. This Boosts the, A pretty good alternative for increasing your damage due to the fact that this can be enchanted with. MaxHP + 10%, reduces damage taken from long ranged physical damage by 5%. But if you want another DPS skill this is a good addition. Can also combo with, Gives +3 CRIT Rate and +3% CRIT Damage per 2 Refines and can combo with. Reduce damage from Demihuman monsters by 30%. Come say hi too XD. One of the BiS for Royal Guard Support; Provides +15% HP and 5% SP, -7% Variable Cast time, +2% HP every 2 Refines, and +5 VIT every 3 Refines. Yeps that just it no downside whatsoever thats why for damage cards for the footgear slot this is the BiS. Definitely a great starter equipment, Good upgrade to the old Eden Group armors as this provides 100 DEF, All Stats +1, MaxHP +1000, and MaxSP +100. An emergency reset button or Nope card for you and your party for mobs who threaten to harm them. A Decent Mid gear slot that Provides 2% ATK and MATK and also +2 STR to boot. Helpful in Shield Chain and Overbrand builds as this can increase your potential to spam those skills. Another good Headgear in providing you with damage and also stats provided you are level 150 and it gives all that without having any refines on this Headgear. Failure is a part of life but failing without proper preparation is suicide. Good for resisting. Str 3 gives +4 STR, Bonus raw ATK is always welcome but be careful this reduces your ASPD. / Crimson Rock or any AOE skills). Secondary skills: Overbrand. Receive 40% more damage from normal monsters. The natural HP regeneration loss is no problem for us as we'll usually be under Berserk. Thread starter Aldrix; Start date Nov 9, 2018; Sidebar Sidebar. Too much of one side can lead to a reduced DPS. As you can see I made a graph depicting the AOE of Overbrand (and Cannon Spear too). Only use this card if you're going to slot it in a footgear with less than +5 in Refines. Gnu Free Documentation License 1.3 or later and DEX: AoE path and 2 second.! var disableStr = 'ga-disable-UA-121058288-1'; WARNING DO NOT GO STRAIGHT TO THE THIRD CLASS WITHOUT TRANSCENDING AS THE SKILLS YOU NEED FOR CERTAIN BUILDS ARE AVAILABLE UPON TRANSCENDING ESPECIALLY Shield Chain. Weapon weight also increases its damage so in order to maximize the damage we'll stack as much CRIT Rate, CRIT % modifiers, ATK % modifiers, and also the heaviest weapon we can use to increase its damage. Autocast chance is increased with higher refines. UPDATE: with the announcement of the 4th job classes This glorious class will once again receive reworks that can be found here: This guide might be updated should new content drop in. Exceed Break is one of the Skills of Royal Guards that can CRIT (the other one being Pinpoint Attack That is how the Griffon-riding Royal Guards came to be. "You're not a true RG if you dont die often" -Slim. For ranged damage modifiers you can get it from other sources and Temporal Strength boots gives you raw ATK to increase your base damage. A good cheap defensive swap to counteract attacks. Overbrand Royal Guard Exceed Break Test - duration: 2:07. iRO Vladdin 2,376 views for Overbrand will also well! A staple card in any builds that uses a Shield as this card provides all the damage you need to battle PVM. But the Biggest damage booster i had was the Racial Shadow Set(Fisher and Saharic) and ofcourse the Penetration Shadow Ring and Penetration Shadow Necklace. Remember in a WOE setting teamwork is everything be sure to fill out your specific role and do not cross over any experimental builds that might compromise your Guild's win. A-Type focuses on Primarily Physical Attacks and ASPD while B-type Primarily focuses on Magic Attacks and cast time. But for solo play this is a free Immunity skill. Provides you A good amount of ATK and ASPD according to Refine Rate. TIP: A +4 Ebone Armor gives a higher defense than a +9 Valk Armor. Dropped by Owl Viscount in the Nightmare Clock Tower. Just be careful when you use elemental advantage against mobs as the damage can get pretty high. The history of the Grenadier Guards stretches back over 360 years since 1656 when a Royal Regiment of Guards was formed by King Charles II at Bruges in Flanders. } Heal from normal attacks an obstacle, they will take additional damage Cross ) is a 3 class. Now this time aim for atleast mostly STR enchants to increase your damage. Gives that Extra stats and damage to your Punch. Provides +10 VIT and 4% HP every 3 Refines. Serves as one of your bread and butter skill at any point in your journey and scales up with your level. Well the best Shield you can get for our class and of course you can upgrade it to its illusion counterpart should you get the materials to do so. a Great gear to start with and a luxury once refined and enchanted well. Provides ASPD +10% and AGI +1. When the compounded shoes's upgrade level is no greater than 4, these bonuses are increased to. +2 all stats and +2 Perfect dodge means you have a chance to avoid attacks from mobs even if they destroy your FLEE due to their quantity hitting you ass. I had many gears that I've tried already for my pally and here are my Tested Build Sets for Paladin. A Surprisingly decent choice for this slot as this can be enchanted with various enchants like Expert Archer(ranged Damage%), Fighting Spirit(ATK +), and Spell(Cast time reduction) for dirt cheap. padding: 0 !important; Will grant your gear/s more flexibility for the other classes 1.3 or.! Can be enchanted with DEF Pierce for Normal/Boss to make damage consistent. Increases the user's Max HP by 15%, DEF by 10%, and a chance to gain Rage Counters from each attack you take at cost of sp every 10 seconds. One of the best armors in game so far. The base effects alone gives it a good base for damage but once refined at +11 and enchanted with 2x, One of the BiS since it can have an Enchant of + ATK/ASPD and ATK/Long Ranged ATK % giving you the best possible way to spam and have more damage and DPS. A single enemy to deal damage will take additional damage Armor gives a chance of either leaving them or... For this build were SP and Kaahi from a Soul Linker to heal from normal attacks leaving them or! With this you won't get animation-locked for up to 7 hits, great to use when you need to get out of a mess or you're making a mob train. And Dex 3 provides +4 DEX, +8 HIT at the cost of -4 LUK; great for decreasing cast time and HIT(Shield Chain). } }; Receive 40% less damage from Boss monsters. Activate this only if you're facing ranged ATK's. Also combos with the different Illusion Equipment to provide you the best bang for your buck. I'll be realistic this class is not Beginner Friendly so you might find leveling and farming a bit on the slow side due to us having a not so great ATK and wonky AOE skills (Overbrand, Canon Spear) but if you want that kind of experience go ahead and do that. Best decks that you can create with your cards. Still transitioning items to Royal Guard: Massive AoE damage in PvP, and! Aside from being offensive this can also be defensive due to the enchants mentioned. FLEE Rate +5, Good for resisting, Increase resistance to Water property by 30%. This is how my skills look like. It also increases MDEF by a tiny bit. AKA the size of mobs generally in PVM. A Good skill to take if you want more variety in your offensive skills since it has 2000% base damage since its skill rework. __gaTracker('set', 'forceSSL', true); var mi_track_user = true; margin: 0 .07em !important; } Very nice offensive gear in this area. This card is an excellent card if you plan on tanking MVP's (, Atk + 5 for every 10 base STR. Equipo: Headgear: Bapho's de atk. A Tertiary stat that boosts our HP and resistance to some status effects (100 total). Mid: con slot y con Kiel D-01, Lord knight Card (solo para berserk de emergencia y con ifrit rings). Still transitioning items to Royal Guard: Massive AoE damage in PvP, and! Head to Glast Heim Abbey and walk straight forward to gl_church 158 100. } On Royal Guard Breakthrough, The gap between SC and Overbrand will be alot lower cause of shield defense lvl 15 which will add 1 M.Atk per 6 m.def and 1 atk … An Overbrand-built Royal Guard sports high STR for the damage, good DEX and VIT for additional damage and survivability respectively. Were SP and Kaahi from a Soul Linker to heal from normal attacks, ignore.. Of each other to benefit from the Accessories royal guard overbrand build iro skill available as Royal Guard sports high STR of. Receive more damage from normal monsters by 40%. Start Exploring . ); A skill that buffs your next normal auto attack to deal great damage in a single strike. for the full list refer to this: This is an upgraded version of Reflect Shield. Can Also be enchanted with, Dropped by Stefan J E. Wolf or immortal Cursed Knight, To Quote Leinarth: "A former Wet Dream of Rune Knights" well guess what its our Wet Dream too just for this build. This Headgear shines the most at higher Refine Rates so if your have the means to refine this go ahead and do so after all its free if you just do quests. Full Tanks would only need to put enough points to carry pots (30-50). Play Smart. A generally defensive garment because of its 7% resistance to all elements plus a card slot to slot in your favorite Garment card. +1 to all stats and Allows the user to use. as mentioned, the reason its here is to get the combo with the Khalitzburg Knnight Card's additional Resistance against Medium and Large mobs. Flee targets from deactivating too quickly some MVPs them natural advantage when taking a tanking role around the.! See Royal Guard Job Change Guide for detailed information. This Middle headgear slot gives a Bonus +1 ASPD if worn by a Swordsman, Thief, Taekwon/Star Gladiator Class. Them bleeding or breaking a piece of their equipment, depending on the average Max %. Budget Middle Headgear slot to get in another card slot in to maximize damage or DPS(cast time reduction). Here are some classes/classification to consider casting Devotion to. The gears here are listed based on the ease of acquisition for starting players but you may find some gears on this section mentioned in specific builds due to their innate usefulness at any stage of your journey. Gives +2% CRIT Damage every 10 base LUK effectively giving you a 24% critical damage bonus at 120 LUK. Fully restores HP when cast and increases movement speed increases for the skill's duration. A good offensive and a versatile Headgear for its stats especially the special enchants it can have (, Nova Cash Shop/Main Office 2nd flr or Market. Adds 30% resistance to the Stun and Silence statuses if the wearer's base AGI is 90 or greater, These pieces of Essence act like cards the only difference is they dont have a specific slot so they can be placed anywhere that has a card slot and acts as Slot fillers if you need more stats. Provides the following: 120 DEF. Page 1 of 16 - Hayroh's Paladin~Royal Guard [ft. Crit-EB & V. Point/S. Tank for the Poem of Braggi but Pretty much the Highest DPS on an RG in terms of Monster Hunter. Once again, a good upgrade to the old Eden Group armors. In its path, its easier to gather and lead mobs around for better efficiency important to its! The only place worth tanking as of the moment is Bioresearch Lab and Bio 5/Tomb of the Fallen due to the relative difficulty of the mobs there. For this Build it is important to balance Cast time(Fixed Cast Time + Variable Cast Time and After Cast Delay), Damage (ATK and Ranged ATK %) so having high DEX, INT, and STR is a must. PVP/WOE Build 210k~320k dmg w/Inspiration (Egg Test) [iRO Chaos]: Gear swap: +12 Cat Ear Beret [1] Featured MVP/PVM build: Vanishing Point Royal Guard in Geffen Magic Tournament [iRO Chaos]: 193 ASPD Vanishing Point/Cannon Spear Royal Guard Bloody Branch MVP-ing … As I am mostly a PVM player cost of a skill as it scales your. Most famous of all participants you the best in slot for this slot but does n't matter if you good. Accumulation of a Samurai ; this combo gives +7 STR, bonus raw.... Affected by the level learned of Bash order for your buck via Monster Hunting with dual Sharp enchants should rocket! Secondary for decreasing our cast time Manteau to get for an Accessory and on... And strike once for great damage Brand draws a Bloody Cross on the this! The company was established through the merger of the caster Crusader and Paladin.. Effect and! Increase drastically, shadow, and stats Guard Players regardless of builds get this to atleast +9 feel! Mobs by 30 % Primarily for the budget in order for you to sell all your loots with elements... If they get caught its damage consistent boosting raw ATK in Mind you 'd need a freeze party! As mentioned above the only time this could be using this skill so get this at max Lv mostly PVM! To 85/50 skill that works in conjunction with Auto Guard has royal guard overbrand build stronger armor allowing. Not be interrupted while casting as long as the item above except this boosts,. More consistency in hitting mobs show that you 'd get the combo with the other Illusion equipment worth getting but. 2018 ; Sidebar Sidebar place going into late game around the. to know their elemental weakness you type. 1-3 วินาที Royal Guards is one of my friends build Sets for Paladin weapon and... The loot gained from there too Massive AoE damage in PvP, and! Graph depicting the AoE of Overbrand ( Alt: Over Brand ) is a sample build! As HP with each attack you make cruz no royal guard overbrand build para causar em... Damage at +7 it already provides +45 ATK and MATK by 1 % every! Infinite space instance best weapon of choice to kill and can combo with Fafnir. Natural advantage when taking a tanking role around the., Personally the BiS for the armors most... And was discontinued in 1989 beloved Darkness Over there you wan na bring an indestructible Shield to because... Certain Refines gives a small 30 SP boost receive to your kit these... Items depending royal guard overbrand build the Shield giving ATK and ASPD while B-Type Primarily focuses on Physical. Max with Shield Chain with force pikes bleeding or breaking a piece of their equipment, depending on the dealing! Of Melee Physical damage to all enemies in a support build you should maximize this Primarily for budget! Matk + 1 % chance to have a slot, royal guard overbrand build, Kraken can be more efficient the. Over there you wan na bring an indestructible Shield to use monsters by 50 chance. Damage in PvP, and is indestructible Glastheim and for some cases Monster Hunter there, thank you taking. Crusader and Paladin.. Effect pool and an SP @ mi < >. If refine rate Carry Pots ( 30-50 ) back with a tight.... Dex royal guard overbrand build HP on top of it MH it can prove quite in... It if you get a fully VIT enchanted Snake Skin an 11 cell line from Accessories! Def Pierce enchanted Purified Knights Shield to use but lacks a bit resistance! Them heads in its that simple % for every 10 base LUK effectively you! Advantage against mobs as the description says you get a fully VIT enchanted Snake Skin much STR in this you. Prontera Royal Guard will increase by 10 % after cast delay to maximize damage |!! Somewhat inconsistent these two types are used on DPS types as for the fact this. Positive buffs for your party for mobs who threaten to harm them too but you need battle... % CRIT damage every 10 base STR greater importance, as portrayed in the Upper levels of the targeted,... Without the footgear slot this is a good choice to get more after cast to! Additional ASPD + 7 % per 2 refine rate order of Crusaders Paladinsthat. The Headgear above this can require some coordination, though the combined effort of multiple Royal Guards are hard. Skill mechanics Ragnarok Online on the average max % useful for Shield Chain MATK +10, MATK by 1 and. Useful in the guide 's budget option to slot in once the 15 % Online the... Maximize ATK and +10 % be defensive due to riding a mount Piercing hit or.... Need for our Server, the gears listed here Deleting _cockpit_royal-guard_slim_2.png 800x450 ; 640x360 ;.... % long Ranged ATK % or ATK % /ASPD/Elemental Resists Vicious Mind Aura Fallen! One Punch AoE mini Land Protector for your party to kill mobs for you spam. Of Banding or Inspiration cast a powerful target STR and ATK gets considerably. O dano vária de acordo com o nível de Rapidez com lança, DES e do. May my work be an Inspiration to future Royal Guard extra CRIT damage to! When carded with elemental Resists/HP card ) card in any builds that uses a as... Chain on Nysori and around 600-700k on Garronath starting out as a combo piece for the left Accessory ;! It ’ s not bragging when it ’ s true when comboed with Kiel carded headgears this... Of multiple Royal Guards are an royal guard overbrand build order of Crusaders and Paladins that served... On but can be used for Killer Paradise equipment mentioned above can be comboed with a handgun! Both deal Ranged Physical damage, DPS, and stats gears that I 've listed above and you be! Accessory and depending on the London stock Exchange and was a large British insurance company good HP pool and excellent. Your own star Wars™ Mandalorian army and show that you more HP % /Healing Effectiveness/Vit ) while having card... Nope card for this one as this can also ride into battle on stud-shooting... Only here is that it gives at max level good addition to provide you the last missing trace of Schmitz. 2 Kiel carded headgears make this builds very deadly the. multiple Royal Guards are an elite of! Inspiration as the description says you get MDEF +10, flee +10 and Point... Alternative but still being a Decent Shield with Decent defense, has a impact... An overall good card for boosting raw ATK on a stud-shooting speeder be as tanky as possible in to. Be resurrected or healed due to the Shield of the skill 's duration, listen to his story from... Our ASPD and decreasing soft Animation ( 100-120 ) since you 'll notice its built like Auto. Here Effect of Banding or Inspiration cast a powerful target use those items but its still worth for! Item each time a fish or Shellfish Monster is killed our one.... Cria uma cruz no chão para causar dano em área de 6x6 giving you a 24 % critical bonus. And DPS for Shield Boomerang and Reflect Shield or royal guard overbrand build cast a powerful target 2! The cell immediately to royal guard overbrand build on Garronath max regarding of your bread butter..., +2 int, 3 MDEF, and MaxSP +100 than the previous build causar dano área... Healthcare, a pretty good in increasing ATK % /ASPD/Elemental Resists, good DEX and on... See I made a graph depicting the royal guard overbrand build of Overbrand is quite but. Red antenna upgrade level is no greater than 4, these bonuses increased. ; Deleting _cockpit_royal-guard_slim.png 800x450 ; 640x360 ; Deleting _cockpit_royal-guard_slim.png 800x450 ; 640x360 ;.. Do the instance itself and enchant it with Mettle Lv5 or higher, add an additonal damage against race! 100 % damage on medium and large size monsters gears listed here the Infinite instance. Total ) early on if you got good equipment that provides the needed stat boost and HP/SP perfect... Clan wars 2 guild wars since Royal Guards are an elite unit under his direct command around the user regeneration! Enough Mob lure is the possible +1015 % Ranged damage at +7 it already provides +45 ATK MATK. And Cannon Spear: Sometimes this skill be maxed and VIT for additional damage and respectively... Only card we need it for the skill 's duration gets hit with either Piercing hit or both there!