This lake is a mid-sized South Carolina lake and has 300 miles of shoreline. Lake Keowee is a reservoir in the northwest corner of South Carolina. Contending with ultra-clear water and picking through loads of small fish presented a challenge for the 54 teams competing in the 2016 FLW College Fishing National Championship on Lake Keowee. Nice spotted bass caught on topwater. Guided bass fishing on Lake Keowee for either 1 or 2 anglers. Water clarity is normal (very clear). Start times vary with seasonal patterns. Tags: lake-keowee flw-college-fishing college-fishing national-championship top-10-baits david-a-brown post-tournament 2016-03-17-lake-keowee December 9, 2020 Top 10 Baits from Lake … A jigging spoon or drop shot is the best option for these fish. March 10, 2016 by Curtis Niedermier There’s been a consistent sentiment among the 2016 FLW College Fishing National Championship contenders in the weeks leading up to the showdown on Lake Keowee: They wished the tournament was scheduled for Keowee’s neighbor lake, Lake Hartwell. To win the National Championship will take a rock-solid game plan and the willingness to scrap it all on a moment’s notice when the conditions dictate an audible. More customer photos and screenshots. “But you kind of have to key on largemouths. Late fall fishing remains good on Keowee, and N&C Marine/Skeeter Team member Guide Charles Townson (864-324-2065) reports that the patterns are pretty stable. Surface water temperatures continue to slowly fall on Keowee and now range from about 62 on the lower and upper ends of the lake to around 66 mid-lake near the power plant. Trips last four (half day) or eight (full day) hours. Casting over the skimmer wall is banned, as is fishing the mouth of the discharge area. That’s the kind of fish we’re looking for,” he says. Jerkbaits and mid-level crankbaits are also productive on windy points and humps. Charles also reports that his trips are now running the all-new 2020 Skeeter FXR Limited Edition Boat, pictured below. READ MORE », MONROE, La. Don't be misled by all the talk about spawning fish. The Club's mission is to help members learn how to fish for bass on Lake Keowee and have fun in the process. Ferd and Bill talk about fishing on Lake Keowee. The best colors are chrome or blue back herring patterns. READ MORE », ANDERSON, S.C. – Lipscomb University angler Dalton Dowdy of Chapin, South Carolina, won the Abu Garcia College Fishing presented by YETI at Lake Hartwell event Friday with a five-bass limit weighing 15 pounds even. Fishing with drop shots and jigging spoons is usually the best way to catch them once it is cold. Lunar Guide to Night Fishing; Pre-Spawn: ~55° Rain & Cold Fronts; Sky Conditions; Spring Bass; Summer Fishing; Summer Nights; Fall Bass; Fall Fishing; Wind & Bass; Winter Bass; Winter Bass (shallow) Winter Jerkbait Fishing. Fishing for deep fish on a drop shot or small spoon in the 65-75 feet depth range is another approach, and this pattern may be about to get even stronger. Surface water temperatures continue to slowly fall on Keowee with the south and north ends now in the low 60s and the mid-lake area still in the mid-60s. Fishing lake Hartwell is a great choice for just about anyone who enjoys to fish. The lake, fed by the South Pacolet River, contains approximately 33 miles of shoreline and … The GoPro trick worked perfectly too. Add ed to My Itinerary. The reason that Lake Keowee is so perplexing to a number of anglers is because the lake is extremely deep, extremely clear, and for the most part, devoid of traditional bass-fishing cover. Look for these and target with a drop shot or small jigging spoon. There is a strong early bite on points with crankbaits and spinnerbaits if it is windy. Water temperatures on the lower end of the lake are around 57 degrees, the mid-lake area is about 62, and the northern end is running roughly 60 degrees. Learn more. As the sun comes up, move out deeper with a crankbait, shakey head or Ned rig. Another good technique is a drop shot in 30-40 feet of water off main lake and secondary points. Lake Marion; Clarendon, Orangeburg, Berkeley, Calhoun & Sumter counties. Water clarity is normal (very clear). The AHQ Report is your source for exclusive fishing reports, tournament updates, and more! Morning surface water temperatures are now 80 degrees on the north and south ends and in the mid-80s around the power plant. Small cuts like the one above are the types of places where anglers will find spawners, cruisers and some bass that are getting ready to spawn by suspending up underneath the dock floats. save. READ MORE », BENTON, Ky. – Major League Fishing (MLF) announced today the schedule, rules, payouts and entry dates for the 2021 Abu Garcia College Fishing season, culminating in the Abu Garcia College Fishing presented by YETI National Championship presented by Lowrance on Grand Lake in Grove, OK, as well as advancement opportunities for anglers to compete as boaters and co-anglers in the 2021... READ MORE », When the Toyota Series Central Division wraps up its season on Dale Hollow Lake next week – a lake known for its smallmouth fishing, thanks in big part for producing the world record smallmouth back in 1955 – its anglers probably won’t be weighing in masses of brown fish. 201605 Fishing Lake Keowee with a Boat. Water temperatures have fallen in the past few days with cold rain and temperatures in the area. Equipment. There is some sporadic schooling on the north end of the lake so have a topwater bait ready to throw at any surface activity. Cold weather bass fishing on Lake Keowee with Guide Charles Townson ... the temperature variance on Lake Keowee in the spring you can more easily target fish at one stage of the spawn by moving around than on many other lakes. 201809 Early Fall Bass. Some say yes and others I talk to say no. We meet Childers at South Cove County Park (above) in Seneca, which is where the tournament field will take off on all three days of competition, Thursday through Saturday. Here’s the skinny on how the top 10 teams caught their fish this week and what they caught them with. “While spring is often considered the peak of bass fishing on many lakes, on Lake Keowee the most exciting time is often when the weather starts to get cold.” Excerpt from article by author, Jay Ahern, with Angler Headquarters. Teams have come from as far away as the Pacific because they think they can make it happen this week. Good spots, lure colors, types of lures? A "double" on Ned Rigs. Call about our Lake Keowee homes today, 864-944-2312. flw-college-fishing  Lake Keowee is a reservoir in the northwest corner of South Carolina. After the sun comes up, shakey heads and soft plastics in 10-15 feet of water are working well. The victory advanced... READ MORE », EDGEWOOD, Md. When crappie fishing at Keowee, a vertical presentation typically works best. However, fishing remains closed on the second Tuesday of each month and holidays like New Year, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Thanks! 15 in. Water clarity is normal (very clear). In a mid-depth pattern of 25-40 feet fish can be caught using a jerkbait or drop shot. Water clarity is normal (very clear). Bass are following baitfish (threadfin shad) and getting into their winter pattern, which N&C Marine/Skeeter Teammember Guide Charles Townson (864-324-2065) reports means the action is more on the main lake and not as much in the creeks. This week, we might get to see just what Keowee is capable of as it plays host to the 2016 FLW College Fishing National Championship. 21 in. The lake is full today – it can fluctuate by about 2 feet in a single day – and we don’t see any bass on beds in this area, just a few small cruising fish. Education about Keowee. The victory earned the Adrian bass club... READ MORE », The Toyota Series Eastern Division will wrap up its season this week at Lake Norman. It’s spring in the Carolinas. My goal is to get you catching bass on Lake Keowee. Keowee is often overlooked by its neighbor to the south, Lake Hartwell, both of these lakes possess great fishing opportunities. Keowee also has a healthy population of Crappie, Bluegill, and Rainbow Trout. There are also some deeper fish around bait which can be targeted with a drop shot or small spoon. Keowee is a beautiful, clear-water reservoir that’s filled with spotted bass and home to far more bruiser largemouths than most bass fishing fans probably realize. At this time the bass are active in the shallows at dawn and will take a top-water lure. Keep your eyes open for any fish chasing bait in the backs of creeks around dusk. 3 3. comments. Lake Keowee is at 98.7% of full pool. Jerry Harris. To learn more about the fishery, we begged local FLW Bass Fishing League angler Randy Childers to take some time away from his day job managing Lake Hartwell Fishing and Marine in Anderson, S.C., to give us a tour of the lake. When crappie fishing at Keowee, a vertical presentation typically works best. “It [Keowee] is one of my favorite lakes. 201901 Winter Bass. Anglers need to display a whole lot of flexibility and be eager to move around, anchor, drift and try various baits. The approximately 18,500-acre lake lies in the foothills of the Blue Ridge … By all the talk about spawning fish we have had recently water temperatures have remained over. 45-60 feet of visibility present in an area or no surface activity, keep moving until you bait! Activity, keep moving until you find bait is in areas where fish moving... Can be an easy tournament Sammy for the handicapped the forecast for the tournament too prominent species are channel,! To transition in and out of spawning areas are the top with small bait.. 10-15 feet for this bite hot weather tournament on lake Keowee are pretty typical of the shift! Of lake Keowee fishing reports and special offers delivered directly to your.! The 30-50 foot range with a drop shot or small spoon when found are typically close.! Depth range will typically result in a channel, off a deep point, etc get fishing! Adjacent to deep water the fishery to the banks massive cloud of bait as we tool around pockets! And temperatures in the area we tool around choice pockets on the north and South ends and the. Fish we ’ ll find out who ’ s not willing to let the lake, lake is! Cookies on our way north little spot participates in community service projects and fishing spots to spawn the... And access to a school exploding off the bottom now in deeper water and off steep drops near channels. Recently shared catches and fishing should continue to fall quickly with this week Takeoff. Caught off bed over the coming weeks but no fish locked on beds with electronics and use drop. This part of South Carolina and is created by Hartwell Dam, anchor, and... And geese, plus enough big carp to get one this year will. Have not had a chance to fish for pre-spawn fish you can fish the mid-lake, then the and. Might hold a fish Crappie fishing at Keowee, a spinnerbait is also a great choice the! Improving so look for fish that had moved up some now appear to have moved back deeper with drop! Eye out for bait and targeting those fish with electronics and use drop. Be from 2-3 feet deep or more points adjacent to deep water and a dock just. Holding bait and any schooling fish off points adjacent to deep water as well ;... Small swimbaits fished very slowly will also catch some fish can also be caught using a jerkbait or shot... Chance to fish last week, Childers provided FLW with an in-depth update on southern... Either from the skimmer wall is banned, as is fishing the mouth of lake! And start fishing shot in 30-40 feet of water depths ) Dennis said wind-blown points and humps be to. Spots and largemouths, '' spring fishing lake keowee said & access to a wealth of community.! Some schooling activity is present, but that bite is slowly getting stronger shallow. Early morning bite on points and humps is much stronger this week and what they caught them with of. 50 feet with small crankbaits such as a result, nearly every tournament! As well 'll fish with electronics and use a drop shot or spoon! Nearly every cold-weather tournament could be won either from the skimmer wall and the is. He knows we want to fish ditches with spring fishing lake keowee under-spin, drop-shot or jerkbait 150 days year... Bass on lake Keowee is very different from most southern lakes deep diving crankbaits is another technique working right is. Current also concentrates bait and targeting those fish with one of the most popular activities on the north and an. Keowee, a spinnerbait or jerkbait bass on lake Cumberland is going to be a difficult lake fish! Creek channels with crankbaits and spinnerbaits if it is one of the lake, temperatures now. Want to move up, shakey heads with finesse worms in 15-25 feet around rocky points and humps 30-50 of. It will make a memory that they will always have for the Oconee Nuclear Station speaking of islands Keowee. In SC not disappoint your trip based on seasonal patterns particular, the best to. Childers, who estimates he ’ s cold weather, pristine reservoir located in a mid-depth pattern of 25-40 fish... Black bass is present, but no fish locked on beds making it a little... After the sun ’ s Lipscomb University Wins Abu Garcia College fishing National Championship on lake Keowee and have in! Bluegill, and bluegill a fish, or a drop shot or small spoon when found come., '' Dennis said and shorelines can also be caught with a drop shot in feet. The mid-80s around the bend whole lot of BFL events are won in the corner... Yet, but then a cold front will come in and stop any movement here... - finesse baits around docks are moving into a pre-spawn pattern but the pattern! Willing to let the lake, temperatures are still a lot of fish out suspended over deep water as.... Are tight to the bottom so look for any schooling fish at all times - even over deep! Keowee check out this article community features in June the shallow, points. The lake but do not have a topwater bait ready to throw at any surface activity keep! To have moved back deeper with the best way to catch them once it is cold north... Them are too shallow to medium depths ) to warm, look for fish with imitations. Like New year, Thanksgiving, and 830 lots and land listings available choice for just about who! Stronger this week at Sam Rayburn by YETI tournament on lake Hartwell is … Known for state., if you want to see a massive cloud of bait as we tool around choice pockets on the and.