When Black girls make comments like, “I want to have a light-skinned baby”, they are basically consciously or subconsciously rejecting vital parts of their self and their identity. Well I comprised a list of ethnicities and what they offer me and my future offspring. This sends a message to both young Black boys and girls. I hope no one is offended, but this is how I feel . I was raised in a predominantly white community and attended a predominantly white school growing up. I didn’t realized how brainwashed I was back then and some of the things I hear when it comes to colorism, I realize still many people don’t even realize that they have been brainwashed and think their thoughts/desires are all their own. My currently girlfriend is light skin, she is biracial, but I never sought after lighter skinned women. You are married to who I assume has to be a wonderful man, otherwise you wouldn’t have married him. I don’t know why you were “shocked” by these girls’ remarks. He is the one that taught me about Willie lynched and how blacks today hate themselves!! These were more the exception than the rule, but a common enough trend to cause deep contemplating for not only Black people, but other people of color and those who teach, counsel or mentor people of color. If I didn’t like my skin complexion, the texture of my hair or my self, I would have problems with anger, self-esteem and depression too. Growing up I never really paid much attention to my own skin color. In Chicago you have to have seen this. I chose them for the success of the marriage, the culture, and the new breeding traits. In short, your skin tone is more in the medium range than white or dark. It has brain washed us, and some black psychologist even term this brain washing as post traumatic slave syndrome to explain the multitude of psychological problems slavery has had on not just African Americans, but the entire world. The same logic applies to the black cards. We all derive from africa fo you peach and red complected people have aftican in there too. You had your own experiences growing up, influences from society and no doubt your family that have help sculpt you into the person you are today. I have researched a lot about colorism in other parts of the world, particularly Brazil and other parts of Latin America. No sex, because she's a friend, her bf is infertile, and they only want my sperm. By then, my self worth was not tied to my complexion. You make some valid points that get lost in your preaching to be right instead of understand. If your dad has dark skin and your mom has light skin, your skin color will be a mixture of their skin color. Your baby probably will have light hair to start, but who knows what will happen over time. Nor those it mean that your marriage will last because someone comes from a certain culture. My sister never liked light skin guys because she thought they were conceited and plain ignorant…and that came from a very light skin woman..she always went out with darker men me and her both..I even had friends also going out with dark men we would say the darker the better!! Jya( means, Bye, in japanese). I’m 45 now and growing up in the 70s all I heard was how ugly I was while my lighter/mixed raced cousins were praised for their looks and hair. As the baby grows, the true colour gets manifested over 6 to 12 months of time. Easy Baby Life: How A Baby’s Skin Color Develops and Changes. And she’s always been the mature one, always sure of herself. If I cut my hair short and flip it out, I pass for northern Indian, If I straighten it and put in hoops, I’m puertorican, dominican, cuban. As a little girl I had both black and white … I admire and appreciate what my mother did for me as a child and that is to make sure ALL of my dolls were Black. I am the founder of the Intraracial Colorism Project, Inc. I have a good quality of dark hair naturally but I choose to smooth it out a bit to make it manageable. I’ve read some articles about postpartum depression and tonight talked to my wife about it, as she replied simply “It’s not this kind of depression, she just doesn’t look like what I wanted, where is my white blonde blue eyed baby? I did not get a white doll until I was much older. I had black and white barbies and other types of dolls, I felt normal and I was attracted to both races and only chose later on which ethnicities I would produce children with. The doll I got was a olive toned white girl . It’s the individual, not their skin color, race or ethnicity. There was times I wondered if being White would be easier, if I would get more girls, more opportunities. I believe my light skin gene will come out of my grandson. Our minds have been invaded, conquered, and occupied, hence, What’s inside is just a lie! Hello, I want to thank you for writing this article. Having a light skinned child doesn't automatically mean the child will look like her, for starters. When I was about 13 o got an American Girl doll for Christmas. My friends and the kids I played with were of various “shades” of black. I did realize growing up that I thought white and light-skinned girls were prettier and that light-skinned boys were stuck up, pretty boys and weaker than dark-skinned boys. Dr. Culbreth, The project’s site is: colorismproject.com. I hate hearing/seeing rappers praising lighter-skinned, multiracial, Latinas, etc., over darker-skinned women. What a beautiful baby girl you have! And I’m glad that I have the chance to raise my beautiful daughter to love herself and her skin. If the parents own delicate skin is not enough, it should add more foods rich in vitamin A, which is the future of the child’s skin is also very good. I am a 16 going on 17 year old light skinned girl. There was no one to make fun of me for being darker, I didn’t even really recognize i had a darker complexion until late high school. You don’t seem like the type of person who would dislike her children if they end up being a shade or two darker than you. You would think I would hate my skin color and I am not what they say brown skin/caramel I’m dark!! It's really common for the baby of dark skinned parents to be born light skinned, and to have his skin turn darker as he gets a bit older. The only time I really felt bad about myself was when the put section 8 in my neighborhood and I was not black enough for black people, I talked white, I was too proper, well I said, ” If I have to lower my IQ to be cool, no thanks.” My biological mother was black but felf like a white person on the inside bc of the things she liked and the people she was naturally attracted to.