Hey guys. 1997 Nissan Sentra Radiator Fans Not Working. shorted or open fan wiring. Looks like it has a 2 wire plug and one screw that holds it in place. Age: 38 Posts: 1,149 Likes Received: 1,053 Joined: Jul 30, 2019 Location: Moosonee, ON, CANADA Ram Year: 2011 Engine: Hemi 5.7. Owner. The cooling fan relay is the relay that controls the engine’s cooling fans. They are actuated by the computer, which uses the engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor to determine when to turn the fan on and which relay to … NISSAN SENTRA. Click to expand... Save … That's a known failure item when the fans are inoperative. It's visible with the belly pan removed. The fan motor relay performs the action of a switch, sending 12-volt power to the cooling fan and initiating its operation. Lyle Longboat 2011 Ram 1500 5.7 Sport CC. You'll have to pull the assembly and find it \012under a plastic shield.\012\012\012On the 1998 town and country. R6. Also there's Fan Fuse #20 which powers the relay. The cooling fan relay is controlled by the cooling fan temperature switch located on the rear of the engine. If the … 5 Posts . R1. Need to know if there are 2 relays for the electric cooling fan and where they are located at. The only posts I have are related to responses about what I'm about to ask. Also check out the attached link, diagnosing cooling fan problems, good article fuses,relays, fan motor,etc. The fan helps cool off the radiator, which acts as a heat sink drawing heat away from the engine. In that car, I have a 170-degree thermostat, a seven-blade clutch fan, and the stock two-row radiator. The quickest way to tell whether or not the electric fan(s) are working is to start the engine; let it reach normal operating temperature and then turn the A/C on. Toyota RAV4 Service Manual / 2Az-fe charging / Cooling fan relay. Both of these relays have a separate hot wire to the fan. The cooling fan relay is not in the fuse box. The cooling fan relay is located in the engine compartment just behing the left headlamp...not under the dash. Is there a diagram you could send me. The cooling fan relay is normally located in either the underhood fuse and relay center or mounted to the electric fan assembly behind the radiator. Christian picked up a Painless Performance electric fan relay kit with a thermostatic switch from Speedway Motors to control the electric cooling fan on his Duster. Took a trip to autozone, they don't even have said relay, didn't know where it even would … R5. Air-conditioning control unit. By imskier2, April 4, 2011 in Cadillac Deville, Eldorado, Seville, Fleetwood, Sixty Special. Once activated, however, if the relay sticks in the closed … Look for Fan Relay #45 in the underhood relay box. Engine Cooling Problem 1997 Nissan Sentra 4 Cyl Front Wheel Drive Radiator Fans Are Not Working. Where is the cooling fan relay located on a 2006 chrysler town & country? Inspect no. 1) Remove the relay … Where is the radiator fan relay located on a 2008 Dodge Caravan with the 3.8 v6. If the … 1995 Ford Escort Cooling Fan Stays On. 1 ANSWER. Check the functionality of the fuse that links with the faulty cooling fan relay, as it may have blown or stopped working for some reason, and this can effectively prevent the relay switching on when it should. Hello, I have been issues with the P0481 cooing Dan … Once the engine temperature drops below the threshold programmed into the powertrain control module, the cooling fan turns off. New here. There's an A/C compressor clutch relay which is #44 in the same relay block which is powered by 10A A/C fuse #30. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. defective fan motor or internal problem with pcm.It will be hard to test without having a scan tool capable of commanding the relay on so you can check to see if fan is receiving power or relay is closing. R2. grand caravan: Hi Matt. Where exactly is the "cooling fan relay" located? The fan sensor, or cooling fan control switch by its more popular name, controls the operation of your Cadillac's radiator fan. On-vehicle inspection. R3. @alexander31 The Fan Control Relay is bolted beneath the battery tray. The relay, however, has direct power to one side, the same as a light switch. Mini Relay – Cooling Fan 2: 44: Mini Relay – Cooling Fan 3: 45: Mini Relay – Cooling Fan 1: 46: Maxi Fuse – Cooling Fan 2: 47: Blank: 48: Blank: 49: Maxi Fuse – Cooling Fan 1: 50: Maxi Fuse – Air Pump: 51: Blank: 52: Maxi Fuse – Anti-Lock Brakes: 53: Anti-Lock Brakes and Selective Real Time Damping Electronics: 54: Fuse Puller The computer looses power with the key off and the same applies to the coolant temperature sensor. Where is the radiator fan relay located on a 2008 Dodge. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Sponsored By: Sep 24, 2020 at 5:29 PM #1. And how does the connector on the temperature sensor release? Share Followers 0. The radiator fan on a Saturn should give you years of trouble-free performance. Selector handle light(s) the a/c fan fuse was bad and with the connection made to the a/c fan, it does in fact come on, when the car is running with the a/c on. to eliminate fan crank car and turn a/c on fan should come on with a/c. There are cooling fan test connectors built into the wiring harness near the left strut tower. The 1.8T has a some type of thermal plate in the same place, but the actual relay is far under the dash, above and behind the main relay plate. If not, … Cooling Fan Stays On When I Start Engine And It Is Burning The Cooling Fan … Elec. Tailgate lock. Having problems with radiator fan. Your mileage may vary. Your Cadillac actually has two cooling fan control switches. One of the cooling fan … @agent86,Bob, the electric cooling fan HI and LOW relays are located in the power distribution center (PDC) under the hood/engine compartment.Fuse and relay layout label affixed to the inside surface of the PDC cover for cooling fan relay identification and location. i haven't been out driving, getting up to operating temp but i suspect the whole system is ok. this is a code for the cooling fan. When the fan is on too often, or won't come on at all, a new relay may be the solution. Depending on the model Cadillac you have, the radiator has either a dual-speed fan or two separate fans. O'Reilly Auto Parts carries fan … This, in turn, could cause critical … SOURCE: Radiator cooling fan fuse location for Ford Taurus. Discussion Starter • #1 • Aug 2, 2016. 2 Relay block cover. Discussion Starter • #1 • Jul 22, 2015. No information is available. It doesn't look like the main fuse box has a relay for the cooling fan, but from … In some makes and models, the cooling fan can continue running after the engine has been shut off, or it can turn on while the ignition is off. The fan control depends on the engine. The puller fan (radiator side) is controlled by the PCM and relay B which is the first relay on the right side of the relay center counting from the front of the car (nearest driver side headlight).